About Our Jazz Musicians

Pacific Coast Music brings the spirit of jazz to listeners. We are a duo of jazz musicians who are dedicated to the craft, and we love to resonate with our audience. Our work is available across many streaming platforms. As a result, our productions are highly accessible and will resonate with you wherever you go.

We believe in the power of music, and we would love our listeners to experience what we have to offer. Meet the musicians below, and be sure to subscribe to our label on your preferred streaming platform.

Jean Frye Sidwell

Jean Frye Sidwell - Vocals

With her rich contralto voice and smooth, soulful phrasing, Jean is truly a jazz singer's jazz singer. The consummate performer, she beams with honesty and passion, delivering silky nuance and vocal shadings that captivate even the most sophisticated music lovers.

Jean’s dramatic vocal expression renders new shape and meaning to some of our most beloved classic jazz treasures, be it Gershwin, Ellington, or Jobim. Jean is a Southern California native and received music, voice, and dance training in Los Angeles. Her professional singing career has spanned 30 years and culminated in the recording of six self-produced CDs.

Jean is co-creator and co-owner of Pacific Coast Music, an independent record label. Thanks to the overwhelming success of her CDs, Jean is recognized today as an international recording artist.

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Chris Sidwell

Chris Sidwell - Acoustic and Piccolo Bassist, Composer, Producer

Born and raised in Indiana, Chris began his professional music career at the tender age of 15. Chris earned many awards while receiving his music education. He developed his talents as a featured musician while following a tour of the southern United States. Along the way, Chris appeared with first-rate bands in hundreds of top-notch venues.

Chris eventually settled in Los Angeles and refined his talents in songwriting, producing, recording, and engineering. Chris met Jean in 1991 during a recording session in Los Angeles, and they married one year later.

Chris co-produced "Tenderly" in 1996, followed by "Look of Love" in 1997. Chris then focused on his first all original CD "Summer Nights," a Smooth Jazz endeavor. Since then, Chris has produced and recorded eight more CDs with Pacific Coast Music.

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